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Shamanic Classes & Healing Sessions


Divination journeys will be done prior to the session to receive  information and instruction for the session. The spirits do the work; I am but a healing  channel. In addition, shamanic coaching, counseling, and apprenticeships available. 

Shamanic Classes: Basic Journeying, Healing with Spiritual Light, Medicine for the Earth, Death & Dying, Soul Retrieval, Extraction & Depossession. 

Community Drum Circles


Recreational  music making is an evidence based program developed by HealthRhythms, a  division of REMO drums. The positive effects of group drumming as  documented unpublished research include: mood improvement, boost to the  immune system, pain reduction, sense of personal accomplishment,  increased sense of control over one's life, anger reduction, stress  reduction, and restoration of inner harmony and balance.

Cowry Shell Divination


COWRY SHELL DIVINATION is an effective tool for tackling the crisis of the human psyche in modern time. Divination clarifies the meaning of the soul’s quest and shed light to the obstacles to overcome on the way to successful living.   Divination provide a positive spin on human challenges by emphasizing gifts and purpose. 


You will be asked to spread a pile of  shells, bones, stones, and other implements on a special "divination  cloth".  This spread is what Jan will read and interpret to bring a  message about your life and purpose for being on the  planet at this time.  The message will also be about finding balance with the Elemental Spirits of Earth, Water, Fire, Nature and Mineral.

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